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Наши ньюфаундленды


Pouch Coves Favorite Son


Дата рождения: 10 апреля 1988 г.


Титулы: AM-Ch, ROM

Colors: SrGrau
Hips: fair


кобель ньюфаундленд
Kuhaias Yankee of Newton Ark
сука ньюфаундленд
Schooners Yosef of Newton Ark
кобель ньюфаундленд
Ferrylands Abby of Newton Ark
сука ньюфаундленд
Pouch Coves Favorite Son
Amitys Bearfoot of Pouch Cove
Barharbers Wilbur Right
Barharbers Amy of Pouch Cove
Souvenir of Pouch Cove
Pouch Coves Gref of Newton Ark
Keepsake of Pouch Cove
Mooncussers RSVP of Pouch Cove

Cayuga Wonderful Dream Realize
Cayuga Wanna Be of Bonaventura
Council Cups Diogenes Lamp
Council Cups Alibi Palmisano
Jubilees You re the Top
Pouch Cove's Numas Tiani
Pouch Cove's Repeat After Me At Karazan
Pouch Coves Rendition
Pouch Coves All American Amity
Pow Wow First Date of Skimeister
Pouch Coves Statesman
Pow Wow for Starts of Skimeister
Twillin Gate Quintex
Twillin Gate Queenberry
Twillin Gate Quomandor
Twillin Gate Quintana