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Наши ньюфаундленды


Timbermist Beyond Midnight (USA)



Титулы: Title: AM-Ch

Colors: S
Heart: normal-cardiologist
Hips: good
Elbows: normal
Eyes: normal tested: 08


Pouch Coves Matter of Fact
Pouch Coves St. Andrews
Pouch Coves Shiprock Sydney
Timbermist's Midnight Special
The Bombardier (USA)
Timbermist's Rumor Has it
сука ньюфаундленд
Timbermist Beyond Midnight (USA)
Main Tickle Dark Knight
And Im Great to be Back
Blu Moon of Sun Bay
Timbermist's Beyond the Sea
Timbermist's Midnight Special
Timbermist's Almost Persuaded
Timbermist's Splish Splash

Seabrook Autumn Kiss for Sent Djons(USA)